Baby Gender Reveals

Sparky's Fun & Joy


Couples are using the gender reveal of their to-be born baby as an excuse to throw a really awesome party! Once you find out you’re pregnant you must start to get a little curious about whether your little one is going to be a boy or a girl.

Sparky's Fun and Joy has three options to for your gender reveal party. 

And in case you didn’t know… we LOVE helping out with gender reveals so purchase online or call us 415-236-3858 to see how we can help! We can even work it all out with your OB and surprise you and we deliver!!!

Gender Reveal Options:

  1. Gender Reveal Box - We create a box to reveal the gender of a boy or a girl.  The couple then opens the box and helium balloons are released in the air to reveal the gender. Comes with 1 dozen balloons. 
  2. 36" Balloon Gender Reveal - The is our most popular reveal.  The couple get a chance to pop a 36" latex balloon.  Inside the balloon you have your choice of confetti, confetti and helium or air balloons. 

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